EZCON Ready-Mix Limited

Ready-mixed concrete, is made from a carefully balanced mix of aggregates, cement and water, mixed in pre-determined amounts, to very exacting standards in specialized plants and then delivered to a worksite.

At Ezcon Ready-mix Limited, we are suppliers of premium wet and dry mix concrete. Since 2000, we have supplied ready mix concrete to a multitude of residential and commercial projects in Trinidad, including many housing developments, civil infrastructure projects and industrial power plants.

Committed to providing excellence to our customers we pride ourselves with a knowledgeable and professional staff equipped with the expertise, machinery and material to undertake any project from inception, and see it all the way to completion.

Since our operations involve the production of concrete, we are required to vary our production routines to suit the particular needs of our individual clients.

Our technicians formulate and test mix designs to suit project requirements. We offer a full range of mixes coupled with High strength, high performance, self-leveling, self-compacting and colored concretes. We produce temperature controlled concretes, fiber reinforced concretes sulfured resistant and marine concretes.

Our research department is constantly monitoring improvements in techniques, equipment and materials so as to assure that our clients benefit from the latest science in the production and
delivery of concrete.
An essential component of our services is that of quality control. Our in-house laboratory (Point Lisas Testing Services Limited) enables our technicians to test the integrity of our mixes ensuring strict compliance with specifications. We take considerable pride in meeting and exceeding the client’s requirements thereby guaranteeing satisfaction.

Our concrete is prepared under exacting standards according to the specifications required by the project.
Our knowledgeable technicians are fully trained in the preparation of all types of concrete mixes and are always available for ongoing consultation with respect to your individual requirements.
We offer the full range of additives and enhancements to cater to all the variables, weather conditions, distance etc. involved in preparation and transportation of mixes to the job site. Our staff has extensive experience in the coordination involved in the delivery and pouring of concrete mixes.

Currently, we operate five Ready-mix concrete plants in four locations in Trinidad giving us both spatial and cost advantages over the competition.
Latest News
September 2006 
EZCON Corporate Website is launched
We are pleased to announce the official corporate presence for EZCON. Feel free to browse our new site and learn more about how EZCON can help you with your next project.
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